Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in South Florida

The Equine Hyperbaric Center of South Florida brings oxygen therapy to the Palm Beaches.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can give horses their best chance of healing and recovering from a variety of injuries and diseases.  Oxygen Therapy using pressurized oxygen works best in conjunction with accurate diagnoses and appropriate primary therapy.  HBOT can be a powerful adjunct to other forms of therapy when severe, difficult or refractory disease processes are present.

Hyperbaric medicine can decrease the recovery time or length of healing and increase the chances of returning a horse to full work and health.

One of the principles behind HBOT is that hyper-oxygenation reduces swelling.  In addition, enhanced delivery of oxygen to injured and hypoxic tissues normalizes deranged metabolism.  Yet another extremely important effect of HBOT is its enhancement of antimicrobial action via improved white blood cell function.  This means HBOT can effectively enhance more conventional antimicrobial therapy of serious crippling and life-threatening infections. 

Treatment of Horses with Oxygen Therapy

Our chamber is one of the largest equine chambers manufactured and is roughly the size of a normal stall.  Horses usually enter the chamber willingly and relax and explore at liberty once there.  Young or fractious horses are sedated and allowed to move about the chamber freely during treatment.  They do not wear a mask, they just breath in the oxygen as they would regular air.  They usually feel better and relax during the treatment. 

Oxygen is introduced and then the chamber is pressurized with oxygen causing very high saturations of oxygen in blood and plasma.  Treatments take about an hour and are repeated depending on the problem according to established protocols.

Location in Florida

We are located just 5 miles north of the Wellington show grounds.  Take Big Blue Trace north across Southern Boulevard and we are 1.5 miles ahead on the right side of F Road. View on a map

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