Adjunctive Therapy to Equine
Medical & Surgical Treatments


HBOT Case History for “Providence”

Providence was diagnosed with acute right hind cellulitis/lymphangitis.  His condition deteriorated despite aggressive treatment with ceftiofur, gentocin, anti-inflammatories, local hydrotherapy and physical therapy. The leg had profound swelling from the hoof extending proximal to the prepuce and ventral abdomen.  The limb was diffusely wet from leaky serum. Providence was nearly non-weight bearing on the leg.

Providence was treated 10 times with hyperbaric oxygen over eight days, while continuing similar traditional medical treatment.  Fourteen days after initial therapy, the swelling was resolved.  He was sound and returned to athletic training.

HBOT Case History for “Churchill”

Churchill presented with a severe bilateral pleuropneumonia that had been present for seven days.  He was treated aggressively for seven weeks with antibiotics and chest tube drains.  Although he was improving, pleural and cranial mediastinal abscesses were not responding to antibiotic treatment and he become cachectic.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was initiated along with continued medical treatment.

After seven treatments in the hyperbaric chamber, Churchill’s body condition started to improve.  He received a total of 30 treatments in the hyperbaric chamber.  Churchill gained weight and the infection resolved within four months of initial diagnosis of the  life threatening disease.

HBOT Case History for “Casero”

Casero presented for chronic wounds, also known as summer sores, on his left carpus. Despite wound management and attempted bandaging for several months, the wounds were not improving.

Significant wound edge epithelialization and contraction was noted at every bandage change during his hyperbaric treatment period. He received a total of 24 treatments in the hyperbaric chamber. In addition, Casero received careful bandaging and a skin grafting procedure on the palmar wound. After three months of treatment, his wounds were almost completely healed and he was ready to go back into work.


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Adjunctive Therapy to Equine Medical & Surgical Treatments