All Star

All Star presented with neck stiffness and the inability to lower his head, post an IM injection. After 12 hours of his 1st HBOT treatment, he was able to eat off the ground and bend his neck. He continued to receive daily treatments for 1 week. His neck pain resolved; however, he became ataxic in the hindlimbs. A lumbosacral aspirate was performed to sample cerebrospinal fluid, revealing purulent exudate on gross examination. He progressively worsened, becoming urinary incontinent and requiring assistance standing. All Star was started on antibiotics and HBOT treatments resumed.

He received 30 treatments over a 45-day duration, in conjunction with rehabilitation, traditional medications and a Vitamin E supplement. Treatments were successful and All Star returned to work. Within 6 months, he was jumping in the Grand Prix and back to doing what he loves.