Henry presented to Reid & Associates Equine Clinic with an infected, non-healing wound of his withers. Our examination with radiographs and ultrasound showed that the withers bone and ligaments were involved requiring surgical debridement (removal of damaged tissue) and drainage. Following debridement surgery, reconstructive surgery was required to achieve closure of the wound and skin coverage of exposed bone.

Henry was prepped for surgery and HBOT was initiated as an adjunct therapy to help fight the infection and to bring increased oxygen to assist in the healing process.

Henry’s wound healed and he successfully returned to riding thanks to his generous owner.

Early attempt to close the wound by making a releasing incision.
Antibiotic beads implanted deep in the wound to help control infection.
Early treatment of infection using drains prior to reconstruction.
Z Plasty: Reconstructive procedure to assist wound closure. A later attempt.
Punch Graft: Reconstructive procedure transplanting healthy skin from a remote donor site.
Donor site for the punch graft.
Bandaging to prevent further infection.